Yorkie possessed!
  • 16.03.2023
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Cesar Millan Controls a Small Dog with Big Attitude
  • 15.03.2023
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Riley our mascot at work proves its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. This little Gator Fan is not your typical Yorkie. She has grown up her whole life with a very active outdoor Golden Lab. Weighing in at approx. 8lbs she is definitely a force to be reckoned with. No animals were harmed in the making of this video. And btw Black Racer snakes are non venomous. Now that dog can hunt , lol

Babies Laughing At Pets | The Dodo
  • 09.03.2023
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Babies and animals make the world a better place. Nothing quite like a child's laughter to lift the mood. Very nice video :3 Definitely need more of this positivity on the internet

Who said yorkies were just wimpy lapdogs. Yorkies always act bigger than they really are
  • 08.03.2023
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Just during watching the thumbnail, I premised the naughty yorkies would strike first. BUT I was totally wrong. A cat started it first... and furthermore, the yorkies' counter attack was very powerful...

Yorkie Hunting Koi Fish
  • 06.03.2023
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Our Yorkie loved to go fishing with us. He helped us "wrangle" fish once we got them in the boat. He would nip at their tails until we got the hook out. We had to show him the fish, he would sniff and lick at it, and we could then throw it in the livewell. He would jump up on the side of the boat and 'bark at the fish as we landed them........we kept a little lifejacket with a handle on it for a reason. On more than one occasion he got a little too excited and went for a swim, haha. My father in law would just get out the dip net and fish him out!

Yorkie Protecting Her Daddy
  • 01.03.2023
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Gracie the puppy dog does not like to be bothered when she gets to cuddle with Daddy in the morning. She will go crazy and try to attack you if you come close. She is sassy but we love her to pieces.

Yorkie Puppy Crying
  • 24.02.2023
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York Puppy is crying bacause his mum went outside.

Funny yorkie compilation 2022 Cute yorkie puppy Yorkie puppies barking
  • 05.02.2023
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A ten-minute selection of funny dachshunds. Small, playful, funny and even adachshunds. Turn on this video enjoy watching funny dog videos try not to laugh. Share with your friends, put likes, we are waiting for your reactions in the comments and of course we will be grateful for the subscribe. Funny yorkie compilation 2022, cute yorkie puppy, yorkie puppies barking

Erica's Fun Clips Mr. Boogaloo vs Mia n Gia
  • 03.02.2023
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My 11 pound Kitty Mr. Max Boogaloo picks on my 2 yorkies Mia n Gia. He slaps them and runs away. Today they got him back it's too funny. Boogie gets whipped but he keeps messing with Mia and she whips his butt twice. I bet you watch it over n over and laugh hard every time. His shock of her attack is funny as heck.

Trying to Distract a Yorkie Puppy From Humping a Stuffed Animal
  • 02.02.2023
  • 546

i love my "anxiety dog"! human tried to get me to play with the bouncy thing called ball, but i'm not easily swayed! come to think of it, i have not seen "anxiety dog" since those humans made this video. maybe he's playing hide-and-seek?

Yorkie arguing with his daddy
  • 01.02.2023
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I have had a few yorkies and have one with me now . This Yorkie was not thinking of birds or squirrels he was upset that he was being question in that tone ..Dogs can recognize certain words but its all about a persons tone and demeanor that evokes such a response.

The dog WANTS to steal the steak and EAT it!
  • 29.01.2023
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Spike is a very obedient dog. If it seemed to you that a person is playing cruelly with him, then this is not so. Spike loves to be played with like that, and Spike himself likes to bite his fingers often)

Yorkie trying to play with the baby
  • 28.01.2023
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It is important to supervise interactions between a small dog, such as a Yorkie, and a baby, as the dog may accidentally hurt the baby or become overly excited and jump on them. It is also important to teach the dog appropriate behavior around the baby, such as not jumping or barking. It is also important to train the baby not to pull the dog's tail or ears. Overall, it's best to use caution and supervise the interactions until you're certain the baby and dog can play safely together.

Baby meets Yorkies for the first time.
  • 26.01.2023
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My daughter's baby Dominik meets first time with our yorkies , Lotti and Ali.

Yorkie Loves McDonald's
  • 24.01.2023
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20 yr old yorkie having a tantrum!
  • 23.01.2023
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I believe Chewy is Blind since he seems to be going in a circle and looks like he's lost. :( My dog Tuggy did that. Oh, so sorry I just saw he passed. We lost Tuggy on Sept 7, 2020. Heart heavy every day. Bless you.

Yorkie plays water fetch | Billy Bob in the doggie pool | Dog Tricks
  • 21.01.2023
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This is my last little foster dog Billy Bob--UPDATE: Billy Bob was adopted and is now in a very loving home! He was found wandering on the street. When he first came to me. He didn't seek out human contact. After a few months of fostering, he is the cutest most affectionate little boy. In this video you will see him busy with his latest passion-- fetching balls and toys from the doggie pool.