Indonesian Geographic Position

1. Geographic Position is an exact area position in comparison with a different region surrounding.

2. Geographically Indonesia was laid between two continents which are Asia and Australia and two oceans which is Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

3. Indonesia Northern territory limits is 6o 08' parallel north across Weh island, Southern territory limits is 11o 15' southern latitude across Rote island, Western territory limits is 95o 45' longitude east across Beureuh island and Eastern territory limits is 141o 05' longitude east across Fly River and Merauke River.

4. Indonesia had longitude length of stretch out of 46o (141o BT – 99o Lon East) and latitude stretch out of 17o (6o LU + 11o South Lat).

5. Astronomical Positions is a position of a region on earth service that based on the longitude and latitude coordinate. This astronomic position known as the absolute position because it is definite.

6. Equator line [0o ] is a virtual line that across from west to east or east to west parallel with the sun orbital lines 0o on equator that makes separation region on earth becomes southern territory and northern territory.

7. Meridian Line [0o ] is a virtual line that vertically stretch out from north pole to south pole across the Greenwich observatory in England that makes separation separation region becomes western region and eastern region. Meridian line also known as GMT line stands for Greenwich Mean Time.

8. Latitude line is a virtual line that stretch out horizontally from west to east parallel with equator line.

9. Longitude line is a virtual line that stretch out vertically from north to south parallel with meridian line.

10. Coordinate point is a crossing point or a meeting point of longitude and latitude.

11. Astronomically, Indonesia position laid on 6o Par North – 11o Southern Lat and 95o Lon east – 141o Lon west.

12. Because of astronomically position Indonesia reside in tropical zone. Indonesia has three different time zones. It happens because every each earth circular rotation makes change 15o (360o/24 hour) from meridian line that bringing on 1 hour time difference.

13. Western Indonesia Time zone [WIB] verge on 105o Lon East covers on Sumatera, Jawa, Madura, Central Kalimantan, and West Kalimantan. Central Indonesia Time zone [WITA] verge on 120o Lon East covers on Bali, Western Nusa Tenggara, Eastern Nusa Tenggara and Sulawesi. Northern Indonesia Time zone [WIT] verge on 135o Lon East covers on Maluku and Papua.

14. On April to October around September 22nd relatively the sun position is on tropic of Capricornus constellation [Tropica Capricorn] against Earth Southern territory (23,5o Southern Lat.), so on that periods sun moves from tropica Capricorn to equator. This condition contributes on Australia climate. Monsoon weather breeze from Asia to Australia through Hindia Ocean. And Indonesia having rainy season during the time.

15. On April to October around June 21st relatively the sun position is on tropic of Cancer constellation [Tropica Cancer] against Earth Northern territory (23,5o Par. North), so on that period sun moves from tropica Cancer to equator. This condition contributes on Asia climate and Australia facing cold season and wind breeze to Asia. Monsoon weather was breeze from Australia to Asia through poor aqueous vapour above the ocean. And Indonesia having dry season during the time.

16. In between of those seasons during September to October and April to May, wind directions were unpredictable and have consequences to climate conditions in Indonesia. Those conditions known as transition period [pancaroba].

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