The Deeper Psychological Meaning Of Emerald Green (Green-Blue)

This year emerald green has been named the trend color for 2013. Green has various primal shades from a yellow-green to a pure green and finally a green-blue, which we also call emerald green.

The green color of nature´s vegetation is the most passive of colors and therefore also the most relaxing. This is one of the reasons why we like to spend time in natural surroundings when feeling stressed out.

Green-blue (emerald green), however, has a different quality. In a way it embodies a tension and does not create the same serenity as the other greens we experience in nature.

Many of us perceive a green-blue, the coldest hue in the color circle, as somewhat aloof, concealing or even mysterious. It is very much like the element it represents, that of the ocean waters. These waters are concealing things. such as fish and other creatures, that we know are there but that we cannot actually see, at least from a distance.

The element water is in a consistent flux of change, from ice to liquid, from liquid to vapor and back again to liquid, which means oceans are for every changing. Where continual change is occurring, when something is being concealed, tension will naturally occur. As the color of the oceans, green-blue, (emerald green), also embodies this form of tension.

People who have green-blue as their favorite color will often find themselves experiencing this tension. This varies naturally according to what other colors they are fond of; if they are also drawn to the warm reds, oranges and yellows or more to the introverted blues and purples.

Superficially, our experience of a color will be subjective. We like it, or not; we experience it as cold or warm. Our perception of the color will depend on our own feelings. It then acts as a mirror of our internal frame of mind.

Dr. Frieling, one of Germany´s most well-know color psychologists and the author of "The Color Mirror", wrote: "It cannot be surprising that all those who are extremely fond of green-blue, live in a certain tension, as if they have two souls living in their breast."

Dr. Frieling implies that this tension can be released by being creative. Those who have green-blue as their absolute favorite color are often very skilled at converting and changing things on a practical level. They are also generally very good at using words. If they have sufficient talent, they can be good actors.

Frequently, the lovers of green-blue have a lot of humor. We could ask why humor? Well being humorous involves the skill of transforming a perceived concept. Humor changes the way we see or partake situations and shows us the funny side of things.

Just as green-blue is emotionally somewhat aloof, as though concealing its true nature, people who have this color as their favorite often share these qualities too, in that they are capable of hiding their true feelings, even if having to cope with hard blows.

As green-blue is the color representing water, which is constantly taking on new forms, the lovers of this color are also always seeking new forms for their expression. They often have a free spirit, and guard it safely. They do not like working in any kind of fixed scheme, and this is why they are often very original.

If the lovers of green-blue do not have an outlet for such creativity, they could find themselves blocked and leaning towards depression. Again, we see the similarity with the element water: just imagine if water turned into ice for ever and lost its transformational characteristics.

And why is emerald green, (green-blue), the trend color for 2013? We hear and read a great deal about the fact that we are going through a time of considerable transformation. Naturally, this fact is well suited to green-blue (emerald green), the color of transformation. When a trend color is announced, it is usually chosen because of a general mental state within society, and is not chosen at the whim of a few designers.

This certainly could be one of the reasons for emerald green having been chosen as the trend color for 2013.

Source by Doreen Richmond

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