The Islands For the Honeymoon – The Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

The Mauritius is a small island to the southwest of the Indian Ocean, which is regarded as one of the most suitable places for wedding. The whether is good here and the scenery is terrific. The natives are hospitable and honest here. Many Hollywood stars choose it as their destination for a rest. From April to June and from September to November are two periods when the island is bustling with excitement. Tourists can go fishing, diving or riding a horse here.

Mauritius is a paradise for those who love fishing in the sea as many big fish come and stay here from November to May. These giant fish will prey in the water about 1 mile away from the island in the depth of 70 meters. Tourists can rent a boat and go fishing there, and every boat is equipped with fishing-tackle, and modern communication facilities which make them keep in touch with other boats.

Diving is something that you should not miss in the island. Every hotel provides the customers with diving lessons. Couples can hold their hands and dive 25 meters deep in the sea which allows them to see the colorful coral reefs and more than 1000 kinds of fish. If you cannot swim, it does not matter, because you can find other interesting things to do on the beach.

The Royal Botanic Garden here has a history of more than 200 years was once the private garden of one French general governor. There are all kinds of plants of rare species. When a couple wanders in this garden, professional photographer will take pictures for them. Beautiful and natural wedding photos will be a precious gift.

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